Danilo Gasques, M.S.

Hello! I am a 4th year Ph.D. Student at UC San Diego (Weibel Lab / Design Lab). My current research is situated on two seemingly distinctive branches: Healthcare and Augmented Reality Prototyping. The former is a compelling application space where I apply Augmented Reality to improve surgical procedures, from training to diagnosing to communicating. The latter is where I solve the problems I found while tackling the first branch.

Collaborations are one of the things I enjoy the most. They are an exciting way of learning from peers while positively impacting society with multidisciplinary work.

This space is a work in progress, and I will update the content when possible. If you want to know more about my work, please contact me at gasques@ucsd.edu

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Ultrasound-guided procedure training in Augmented Reality


CSE 198 - Mixed Reality Dojo (SPRING 2018)

VIS 147A - Computer Technologies for Art (FALL 2017)


Intuitive Surgical - Applied Research Intern (Summer 2019)

Intuitive Surgical - Applied Research Intern (Summer 2018)

Simulation Training Center - Research Fellow (Summer 2017)

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I served as a reviewer for our academic community in several occasions


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    • CHI (LBW)